Re: Schweizer Eisenbahn-Revue 2/2003

Iain Dodd

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k.. RM motor coaches and driving trailers renumbered [now
grouped according to type instead of ancient ownership EBT, VHB or
SMB] (56)
Slightly ambiguous wording.

Does this mean that a renumbering scheme is under way or does it
mean that as computer numbers have been allocated which contain
a 'class' number coupled to the original running number this
effectively means that they have been grouped according to type?
No, the class number is the same for the different types. That's the
problem with our "class numbers".

Now the individual vehicle numbers have been regrouped. E.g.

RBDe 4/4 I 221-226, 261, 281 that were later
RBDe 566 221...281 are now
RBDe 566 220-227

NPZ got the numbers
RBDe 566 230-242

Driving trailers have the same two digits at the end (save check digit),
ABt 50 38 39-33 930-X through 942-X

now clear?

Markus, G├╝rbetal

I think so.

Does the same apply to locomotives or will that be done in the future?

Iain Dodd

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