Re: Schweizer Eisenbahn-Revue 2/2003

Guerbetaler <> schrieb:
k.. RM motor coaches and driving trailers renumbered [now
grouped according to type instead of ancient ownership EBT,
VHB or SMB] (56)
Does the same apply to locomotives or will that be done in the
Re 4/4 III 111-113, 141 and 181 had already been renumbered when
repainted shortly after merger, they are now 111-115.

Shunters: no renumbering

Re 456: just 2 locomotives 142-143

Be 4/4: only two left, as museum vehicles, unlikely to be renumbered
(or would SMB 171 get back it's initial number 107?)

Markus, G�rbetal

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