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Sounds very interesting: Meter gauge car loaded on a standard
gauge car (I only know the other way round). Anyone having
photos of this, and can put them onto the files section ?
No, but BVZ - now MGB - has a photo on it's homepage:

It is an ancient piggy-back wagon, bought by BVZ and with a
meter gauge track laid in. It can only be loaded/unloaded
from one side, thus use is restricted to Visp area.

The transporter wagons of SBB which are used for delivery and
transfer of meter gauge rolling stock had initially also
been intended for such a use: narrow gauge wagons should be
transferred between Brünig-line and MOB (Interlaken - Zweisimmen)
in cases where other connections were unavailable (WW II).

AFAIK there was nothing more than some tests but still these
vehicles proove to be very useful for other things...

Markus, Gürbetal

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