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Guerbetaler <> schrieb:
Now this is probably a stupid question but that has never prevented
me asking such questions in the past.
There are no stupid questions but there may be stupid answers
... used to say our teacher ...

I am basically looking at the standard gauge operators that have
acquired brand new motive power from approximately the mid 1990s.

Are the class designations unique to the type of motive power?

identical NPZ motor coaches were delivered to
BLS RBDe 566 721 - 566 742
TPF RABDe 537 181 - 537 182
TRN RBDe 567 316 - 567 317
RM RBDe 566 230 - 566 242

A similar model can be found here:
SOB RBDe 566 071-076

An electrically identical but mechanically different type is
TPF RABDe 537 171 - 173
TRN RBDe 567 315

And then you will find the SBB-type NPZ:
SBB RBDe 560 000 - 560 083
SBB RBDe 560 100 - 560 135
SBB RBDe 562 000 - 562 005 (also for 25 kV 50 Hz)
Thurbo RBDe 566 631 - 566 634
SOB RBDe 566 077 - 566 080
TRAVYS RBDe 568 384 - 385

Finally you will find an earlier ("pre-NPZ") design
RM RBDe 566 220 - 566 227

If we take the last vehicle:
56 = RBDe without distinction of type
.. 62 = RM
.... 27 = vhehicle number

In other words
can I assume that the class 456 of the RM are identical
mechanically and
electrically speaking with the class 456 of the SOB and the SZU?
in this case: yes ... but no.... there were two series and they
are not absolutely identical. Then the MU-system differs between
these companies.

I realise that when the computer numbering system was set up and
extended to the independent railway companies it was necessary
to include a lot of different motive power types under one class
number because of the lack of standardisation in the past.
This is not the real problem. But they wanted to bring a code
for ownership into the system and thus only left two digits for the type.
Then, the definition of "type" wasn't very intelligent as they took
the letter-designation of the vehicle, e.g. RBDe to classify.

Taking a three-digit class number, it would have been easy to
distinguish what is different and to show what is identical.

Since the 1960s the variety was strongly reduced.

BTW, RM Re 436 and SBB Re 430 *are* identical


Markus, G�rbetal

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