Transit times on the Albula line and the tobbogan run

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| | I am visiting the Albula valley at the end of the month for 3 days,
| | at Filisur. Does anyone know the journey time to ST Moritz from Filisur.
| | We also plan to travel along the Bernina line to the Italian border.
| | Is this a long trip?
| Online timetable requests can be done on Just enter Filisur and
| Tirano and the date/time you would like to travel. It is about 3 hours one
| way, but there are faster and slower connections. On is not an
| SBB-timetable but an electronic version of the official Swiss timetable
| including all trains, boats and oveland busses.
| | Has anyone had any experience of the Toboggan run from Preda down the
| | valley? quite fancy a go. Is is only suitable for experienced tobbogaist
| | or can anyone have a go in reasonable saftey.
| It is also advertised for families and you can rent a sledge at the railway
| station. I did the run once when it was a bit icy. Under such conditions I
| not sure to do it with children. But it depends very much on the weather
| conditions. The sledge run is only opend, if Snow conditions allow. With
| snow, it is a nice ride.
| Markus
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