Closed lines


Today the whole Glacier-Express route is operational
again after the reopening of N�tschen - Dieni. After hevay
snowfalls last week, the MGB had to shut down by and by.
First closing was Niederwald - Oberwald including parallel
road. Thursday Niederwald - Andermatt - Disentis - Sumvitg
was closed after an avalanche had left some meters of snow
on road and RhB-track, without causing heavy damage.
Sch�llenen was closed as well and for some hours even
SBB Gotthard line had to close. Motorway A2 remained
closed for some days but the railway line was working well
even when local roads were closed. Thus - for once - trains
stopped again at the little Gurtnellen station, this being the
only means of transport when the bus could not operate
on the closed roads.

T�sch - Zermatt worked well when the road was closed.

Other closings concerned the TMR-line to Orsi�res and
the French (SNCF) part of the meter gauge line to Chamonix.

The only line still closed at the moment (Sunday 9 Feb)
is SBB-Br�nigbahn Interlaken Ost - Brienz:
On Tuesday a well-known avalanche took away the road
bridge between Oberried and Brienz. No damage was done
to Br�nig railway line and the trains continued until Thursday,
when the danger of other avalanches to come down was rising.
The A8 road on the other side of Brienzersee had been closed
at the begin of this year when rocks hit a whole in the roof of
a tunnel (!!). Repair work progressed well and it was possible
to reopen with some restrictions. A bus replacement service now
works Interlaken - Brienz. But the BLS boats would have been

I am glad to tell you that *no* person following official instructions
was killed by avalanches. But I am sorry to tell you that some
persons *have* been killed who did not believe it was dangerous
to leave the official ski courses. :-(

Markus, G�rbetal

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