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| Another I am a little curious about is the Beinwil station on the 651
| line. Although the map does not show rail service between there and the
| end of the 644 line at Menziken (or Reinarch), a glance out of the
| window of the train as I went thru Beinwil looked like there probably
| was a track connection.

There was a branch line off Beinwil to Reinach - Menziken - Berom�nster. 1992
passenger service ended and was replaced with a bus service taking a slightly
different way to Berom�nster. But more important for Berom�nster (LU) has
already been for a long time direct bus service with Luzern, offered by Auto
AG Rothenburg. Reinach and Menziken (AG) have its more important way out by
WSB (meter gauge), going directly to Aarau. So all three villages have a
direct connection to the capital of their canton and Beinwil - Berom�nster
only was and is "second".

Last year, in May 2000, the federal council ("Bundesrat", the government)
approved complete closing of the line, so that WSB track can be taken out of
the street and will switch over at Reinach Unterdorf on the ex SBB grade. Its
ttrack will follow the SBB grade to Reinach and Menziken. Menziken -
Berom�nster grade is disused and will not see any rails again.

Markus Giger

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