Re: RhB station detil photographs

Andy McMillan <andytrainman@...>

Glenn writes;

3 sets of photos, ...

That should do it for a while.
Hello Glenn,

Well done! Excellent photos! From the few I've had time to look at
so far I shall enjoy browsing all that fascinating and useful info
over the next few weeks.

I (and no doubt many other 'serious' modellers) have and will find
there much of considerable value from rails set in various types of
roadway surfaces, through flanged (and obviously cast] turnout blades
in sidings, to some interesting roof and interior views of stock -
vantage points unknown to many other sites!

My sincere thanks to you for your choice of images and the work you've
done in putting them up for viewing. No doubt similar comments from
other keen modellers will also follow in due course. Great stuff!

Kindest regards, Andy

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