Re: OT Yahoo Groups oddities [WAS: Re: Jungfraubahn half-price offer]


Am 05.01.2012 19:55, schrieb robvulpes:
Sorry, but one needs to fulfil more conditions than just signing in.
I do so to read my subscribed Yahoo Groups on their website, and
like previous posters reported, email addresses are *always*
You are right. I tested it with other groups. The condition to see the
full mail addresses is to be a moderator, it seems...

However, if you receive the messages as mails you should see all mail
addresses. There is a good reason why Yahoo is hiding addresses: It is to avoid that any search process would be able to gather e-mail addresses, even if the search process would be able to sign in as a member.

and *some* posters' use of accented characters is rendered as code
This is, as I tried to explain, a problem of the encoding of accented letters. Yahoo seems to use ISO-8859-1 as a standard for the web editor. This is o.k. for German and French but comes to a limit with Czech or Polish. There is one encoding, called UTF-8 which contains AFAIK really every letter needed in this world.
Many mail programs nowadays use UTF-8 as a standard.

Don't know what those additional conditions are - choice
of 'view' type in Yahoo preferences??
If it is UTF-8 you can temporarily change the encoding of your browser and it will display the characters correctly.

(Don't ask me the technicalities, but FWIW I use the ALT+4 digit
number method of inserting accented characters from my UK English
keyboard - for example ALT+0252 = u + umlaut which would give
"G�rbetal" )
It doesn't make a difference, how you produce a letter. The difference is, how it is encoded by the online editor or by the mail program.

Markus, G�rbetal

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