Old Kursbuch


I have a number of old Kursbuch to dispose of if anyone is interested.
Most have the Ausland summer and/or winter supplement (AS or AW) and some have the bus section (B) as well.

Those available are:-

1985 Summer
1988/9 (AW)
1989/90 (AS AW B)
1990/1 (AS AW B)
1991/2 (AS AW B)
1992/3 (AS AW B)
1993/4 (AS B)
1994/5 (AS AW B)
1995/6 (AS AW B)
1996/7 (AS AW B)
1997/8 (AS B)
1998/9 (AS B)
1999/2000 (B)
2000/2001 (B)
2002 Jun - Dec (B)
2004/5 Dec - Dec (B)

If anyone is interested in any of these for a modest sum plus postage, please contact me off group at:-


Bruce Smetham

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