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glenn allen

Subject: [SwissRail] Re: Filsur webcam - car train

Gordon Wiseman wrote
"No idea myself, except that I do notice that all the vehicles in view are
'upright' type 4x4s so maybe it was a charter car carrier for some group of
I thought the vehicles looked somewhat military and wondered if they were army vehicles being delivered.

an answer from another forum suggested that it was run in conjunction with the motorsport thing at St Moritz
today, Sunday 29th 610 was on the 1635 Berguen to Chur schlittelzug
both 702 and 704 were on Chur to St Moritz services, 611was on the Berguen to Preda schlittezuge

Berguen ticket office has moved, its now in the ground floor of the museum building combined with the tourist office, very impressive indeed. The catering van is no more it has also relocated to the Chur end of the museum building as well. There are new (free) toilets at the Preda end of the building.

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