Re: Graubunden travel advice question

glenn allen

I was down there this weekend; it was reading -23C on a digital
thermometer at Klosters so unless you see your wife emulating Scott
of the Antartic I wouldn't consider walking too far!

Simon Mortimer
I was disappointed not to be able to find the weather stations that used to be at Davos and Samedan, could only go on my nose and my coat freezing up to work out it was below -10C

There is some fascination in seeing just how cold its got.
Then going to fine a decent cup of coffee.
Which leads me on to the question : Which stations still have a coffee machine?
Pontresina (tasted bloody awful)
Scuol Tarasp ( tasted OK)
Anywhere else on the RhB with a machine still in place?
Many stations have Kiosks of station buffets, some time I must write up a list of what stations have which facilities,
toilets can be important, I can say that St Peter-Molinis, Trin, DavosWolfgang and Davos Laret have nothing, Bonaduz has a station buffet open until about 12:15 and a pay toilet.
Untervaz has a pay toilet, not normally very sanitary.

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