Plan to visit Switzerland trip... Re: Re: Basel Airport Rail link plan

Chris Lee

On Sun, 17 Jun 2012 07:55:37 -0700 (PDT)
Andrew Moglestue <amogles@...> wrote:
In any other context I would agree with that. But in my experience
of flying from Basel, everything about this airport is cheap and
cheerful. It's a completely different world than say, Zurich.
Regarding airports but a bit off topic...

I am trying to plan for a trip with the following purpose:

1. Railway Photography in Switzerland;
2. Model Trains shopping;

Considering the milage tickets I can use, I am limited to the following
3 airports as port of entry:

1. Frankfurt (FRA), Germany;
2. Milan (MXP), Italy;
3. Paris (CDG), France;

Unfortunately, Zurich (ZRH) is not an option. Out of the above 3, which
one would be the most convenient and safest security wise to transit
thru considering that I will be carrying:

1. Camera equipments /tripod etc... and
2. When returning, hopefully suitcases of modeltrains up to my luggage
limit (and of course to the limit of my wallet);

The above items would make me an easy target for snatchers / thieves
during transit/change of trains and on trains...

Last time I went thru Frankfurt without any problem and comfortably on
DB ICEs / CNL in and out of Zurich HB, but what about other choices?

Most likely will have a Eurail pass with me.

Advise appreciated.

Photographer Chris <photographer.chris@...>

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