Re: Plan to visit Switzerland trip... Re: Re: Basel Airport Rail link plan

Max Wyss

Considering the milage tickets I can use, I am limited to the following
3 airports as port of entry:

1. Frankfurt (FRA), Germany;
2. Milan (MXP), Italy;
3. Paris (CDG), France;
As John already stated, the hassle to get to/from MXP or CDG is way
bigger than to/from FRA, because in both cases, you'd have to go into
the main town, and may even have to transfer between stations, which
can be a hassle (in particular between the Gare de Lyon and the Gare
du Nord, where you would be using probably the busiest stretch of the
RER. There might be one possibility allowing to change TGVs in Dijon,
but then, you still have CDG…

Personally, of these three airports, I would favor FRA, where you also
have most flexibility, and probably also the most dense schedules to
Switzerland (a connection every hour).


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