Plan to visit Switzerland trip... Re: Re: Basel Airport Rail link plan


Corrected response:

I inadvertantly attributed to Max Wyss a comment about Paris security.

To clarify, it is John Fleck's view of Paris security that I would suggest is unnecessarily alarmist.

I've passed through Paris with full baggase including all my travel and railway photography gear around 10 times in the last two years and not had any problems.

Most recently was just 10 days ago when I spent some time on various Paris suburban services carrying my full luggage from a week's SNCF photographic trip plus model `purchases' made earlier in the day.

Paris is no worse than any other populated location in the world. In fact the RER and SNCF in general has a (sometimes annoyingly so for photographers) high level of security presence these days with armed security and army personnel on patrol on the stations and in trains.

Turning back to the actual journey options,

Frankfurt/Main – Switzerland is definitely the most convenient of the three options mentioned. Nevertheless, I looked on DB/Hafas for CDG – Bern. One option is CDG – Lyon Part Dieu – Geneve ie one non-Swiss train change in Lyon, then another once you are in Switzerland. This would be a scenic and different alternative to what you have done before. This would be a minimum of about 2.5 hours longer than Frankfurt – Bern.
Another alternative is one service per day by TGV from CDG – Strasbourg, changing there into the 200km/h TER regional express services Strasbourg – Basel, about 2 hours longer the Frankfurt – Bern with a chance to sample the LGV Est Europeen.

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