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RE Bercher & Sternlicht
Truly Excellent
Last year I bought from them an excellent HO kit version of the Feldschloschessen brewery, for my son who has a fairly extensive layout in his cellar, (why else are Swiss houses built with cellars). This brewery is known by my grandchildren , (and I think several other 'ex pat' kids living around Basel) as The Beer Castle.  It was the cause of much amazement when one grand daughter learned that I used to work in the UK brewing industry....You worked  in a Beer Castle!!!! Wow!!!. B&S is a wonderful shop and I welcomed the opportunity to go in, have a look with a clear conscience since I actually bought something. Beware of the Johannes Wanner Christmas decoration shop slightly lower down the hill. One member of staff failed the Customer Welcome course but I understand a refund was given.

On the subject of Feldschloschessen, Anyone know where the 3 coaches came from which the brewery used to take visitors up to the brewery from Rheinfelden station. Sadly one has disappeared...has it gone down the line to Kaiseraugst for recycling? 
I dont know if this has received attention before but, in the centre of a traffic island in Rheinfelden is one of the old Cardinal Brewery Fireless steam locos. It appears to have received a false chimney and some fairly violent colour schemes. Planners and  engineers rarely see eye to eye.

Paul Kidger

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