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Am 19.06.2012 15:27, schrieb Kidger Paul:
On the subject of Feldschloschessen, Anyone know where the 3 coaches
came from which the brewery used to take visitors up to the brewery
from Rheinfelden station.
They were former BT (Bodensee-Toggenburg) B2 427-429, thus brothers and sisters of the colourful Amor-Express coaches. They were identical with contemporary SBB coaches and might be considered the first Einheitswagen of Switzerland... ;-)

BTW: BT bought four such coaches in 1917 and numbered them 427-430, bringing the total number of identical third class coaches to 30.
In 1927 BT swapped C 429 against four older SBB coaches of 1902, becoming C 451-454 (ex SBB 6811-14 ex JN 428-431). Afterwards original number 430 became 429 and the coach sold to SBB got number 9696 and was withdrawn in 1964, only shortly before its mates. They were withdrawn in 1967 and sent to Rheinfelden in 1968.

Markus, G├╝rbetal

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