Re: SBB Station Bells (Glocken)


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Am 24.06.2012 17:41, schrieb Rob Smart:
I'm interested to know a bit more about the station bells seen at SBB
stations were used, e.g. ring patterns, how long before the arrival of a
train, etc.?
There was a big variety of station bells and what RhB had, could also
been found on SBB stations and on many other railways.
In the station where my father was station master, the bell rang, when a
train left a station. When a train left station A to station B, the bell
"B" in station A rang at the same time as bell "A" in station B.
Markus, G├╝rbetal
Who/What triggered the ringing - the station staff at the departure station or some sort of track trigger operated by the passing of the train itself without need for human intervention?


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