Important buses near Switzerland missing from SBB website

George Raymond

After several days riding trains around Switzerland, we decided to dip into
Italy - and almost got misrouted.

We rode a train from Domodossola to the lakeside city of Orta, where we
spent the night. We than planned to continue to Arona, sail the whole length
of Lake Maggiore to Locarno, then continue our trip in Switzerland.

The SBB's "Official Map of Public Transport" suggested that a short routing
was possible from Orta-Miasino station via Borgomanero to Arona, but the SBB
website only proposed a much longer train routing with a change way down in

Fortunately, in Orta people told us that a Borgomanero-Arona service was
indeed available. Checking the Trenitalia website confirmed the existence of
a Borgomanero-Arona bus line.

Moral of the story: when planning a rail trip in Italy - even in the far
Northern zone covered by the SBB rail map - double-check timetables on the
Trenitalia website.


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