Re: A first and last look at Luzern's Barrier Line

George Raymond

In the Satellite view of Google Maps, you can see the new track layout
south of Luzern station and just north of the new tunnel portal under
the street called Geissensteinring.

As it proceeds south, the Barrier Line rises on an embankment.
Standard-gauge tracks parallel the Barrier Line to the west and a
metre-gauge track run parallels it to the east.

At the top of the grade, the Barrier Line turns sharply to the west,
passing over two converging standard-gauge tracks.

Just east of that bridge, the metre-gauge track splits into two tracks
that continue through the tunnel, and one of these merges with a
standard-gauge track to form the tunnel's three-rail west track.

These photos from Markus' post illustrate the new layout:


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