Re: BBC Great Continental Railway Journeys


I disagree with the notion that some of us are nit picking/rivet counting.
1: I mentioned a few errors but overall complemented the programme.
2: Factual television programmes are surely supposed to be accurate. If there was a programme about hospital care an error of fact would be jumped upon by everyone.
I am pleased to hear someone agrees with my Gornergrat notion. The diversion via Chur had no real point as he didn’t visit Chur as such – just changed trains. As such the journey could just as easily have been routed Zürich – Luzern – Flüelen – Wassen – Göschenen – Andermatt – Brig – Zermatt – Gornergrat. This would still have covered all the items that were covered – ie Zurichsee, Luzern, Vierwaldstadtersee, Wassen spirals, the Gotthard and the Glacier Express. The advantages would have been terminating the programme at the terminus of the GEX, doing the Wassen spirals the more imposing way ie riding uphill. Brief mention could have been made of the Simplon Tunnel at Brig.  
Ending the program eat Zermatt/Gornergrat would have had the following advantages:
the opportunity to do the British alpine sports connection piece (Whymper/Matterhorn etc and skiing pioneers).
Matterhorn views
Electric carts/horse buses
On the Vierwaldstadtersee I was very surprised that they didn’t time it for a paddle steamer,  also that no mention – however brief – was made of the fact that his boat was passing the Ruetli meadow.     

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