Re: BBC Great Continental Railway Journeys

Bill Bolton

On Thu, 6 Dec 2012 08:46:24 +0000, Duncan wrote:

The BBC classify it as "Factual" on the iPlayer so that would
seem to oblige them to ensure its accuracy.

Being "factual" does not automatically imply strict "accuracy".

"Factual" means:

concerned with what is actually the case; actually
occurring (ED)

"Fictional" means:

relating to or occurring in fiction; invented for the
purposes of fiction (OED)

The use of "factual" by the BBC, and broadcasters globally for that
matter, is to clearly indicate the antithesis of "fictional".

"Accuracy" means:

the quality or state of being correct or precise (OED)

Very little visual imagery *of any sort*, except perhaps material
specifically produced for forensic (or similar) purposes, is strictly
"correct or precise", and in that sense it is really no different from
written or spoken material.

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