Ae6/6: first day of the new timetable


There has been a healthy discussion on Bahnforum CH about Ae6/6 movements across the timetable change. Said forum is not always brilliant for `real gen' but pleasingly the Ae6/6 status is clearly a hot topic due to the class being scheduled to lose all booked work at this timetable change.

But first, on the Sunday before the t/t change my mate in Geneva for business took a run out to Denges and saw three Ae6/6 parked, one red, one plain green and 11404.

MOving on, the following were all posted on bahnforum ch and refer to Monday 10 December. Of course this is only the first proper freight day of the new timetable, so does not necessarily mean Ae6/6 workings will continue the the same level.I've listed the most encouraging items first:

"Monday 10 December a total of 22 Ae 6/6 were in use"

"today in Wetzikon, red Ae 6/6 ready for an evening freight train ..".

" in Zollikofen train 50467 (formerly Re 4/4 II or III), had Ae 6/6 11502. Let's see if this was an exception."

"50384 today had an Ae 6/6".

"Freight train 45704 Buchs - RBL paper ran today as always with Ae 6/6. But let us not forget that the cargo schedule will be modified in January."

"last night in Wankdorf various freight trains observed with Ae 6/6 ... the end seems still not have happened" [for the uninitiated Wankdorf is the junction just east of Central Bern near the national footy stadium of the same name.

Trains 63034, 63061, 45704 are now booked for Re420

"The Thun Ae6/6 was an Re6/6"

"The afternoon freight train 63061 Rapperswil-RBL and light engine 37467L in the opposite direction were previously Ae6/6 Today, a freight train with an Re4/4 II ran in the same timings and the light engine move was an Re 6/6"

"Noon today when passing through the Basel area no Ae 6/6 were visible. Before the timetable change always 4 or 5 were observed."

11440 is still laid up at Schwerzenbach where it has been since a derailment some time ago (could explain why for once I didn't see it on my recent trip)

11479 is at RBL for demolition

And one posted yesterday (Tuesday):

"At Lausanne Triage 11518, 610482, 610492 await their demolition. 482 has already lost its coat of arms. In Basel 6 or 7 Ae are parked"
Sad to hear this for me as I spent several hours `with' 492 last month and it was in rude health:


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