Re: Ae 6/6 changes


First a small plea: please can we keep reports of Ae6/6 movements in this thread, not that it has been established.

11512 was working on 13 December, one correspondent states seeing 11404 in use four days prior to it being withdrawn (stated as 17/12)

The following were reported for Monday 17/12:

610 486 at St Gallen Winkeln on aggregates working
11473 worked freight Bern - Lausanne- Triage A/B.
11424 was seen working at Badischer Bahnhof (on the same type of move as 512 on Thursday 13/12

Today 18/12:
11427, 11430, 11479, 11513 und 11520
All in the depot area switched on, i.e. ready for operation at any time
At the time this was viewed, an unidentified Cargo liveried lok returned from a job.

The gen for all this comes from Bahnforum CH, but the situation with Ae6/6 reporting is somewhat confused with information taken from the SBB systems seemingly sometimes conflicting with information on the ground.

In the listings, what does not help for English speakers is that `Abbruch' is used often in the listings but the word is given various English definitions in my German dictionary, including both `demolition' and stopped'.

Easier to be clear about in English is Abgestellt which has only one definition in most German dictionaries – ie stopped/turned off.

To make things clear (even in German) one Bahnforum contributor requested a list showing perhaps just two categories (available for use and not available for use (!)). Unfortunately this request has not yet been taken up by those with access to the SBBC operations computer networks.

Of course none of this is uncommon on railways when a type of vehicle comes to the end of its service life, but it seems more haphazard than is usual for Switzerland. As I recall (although I may not be recalling accurately of course) when the end of service came for the previous big batches of `oldies' Ae3/6 and Ae4/7 fleets were stopped `cleanly' in one fell swoop.

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