Re: FLIRT France now allowed in France...

Kidger Paul

Does this mean that services such as the S1 will now again be able to run through Basel.  Do I remember correctly that before the FLIRTs were introduced, this service did run through to Mulhouse.
I know that we have discussed this before, but what is the procedure for current changeover. I have seen the 15 and 25 indicators over Basel 'through' platform No 3. I assume that the trains must stop, isolate the transformer and drop the pantograph, change transformer primary tappings, wait for the voltage indicator to change, raise maybe a different pantograph, re energise the transformer and ready to go. Do you know if the rolling stock has protection facilities to guard against incorrect high tension systems being selected. 25 kV and 15kV is a lot less likely to be catastrophic than, for example the Bernina through trains with 11 kV AC and 1000 V DC on the centre 'through' platform at Pontresina and I presume certain 'exchange' tracks at St Moritz.
Paul Kidger

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