Re: Ae 6/6 changes


Word has it that around Christmas SBB Cargo put out a total embargo on any movement of Ae6/6 under their own power. SBB Cargo now apparently see these old engines as a liability rather than as an asset. This is not to say that local managers may not have used some of the better remaining Ae6/6s to run odd workings 'as an emergency'. .. read on!

All the more remarkable therefore, that 11515 left Limmattal on Tuesday 8/1/13 only to turn up on a Daillens – Brig postal on Wednesday 9th. ...It's an interesting `traction emergency' that takes a loco from Limmattal yard to Daillens to Brig...

Ae6/6 booked workings to Brig ceased some years ago and I'm not aware of one going there in the last 2 -3 years.

Indeed the Valais seemed to be the place to be:
11520 worked a non-timetabled freight also on the 8th. This was Train supplémentaire 69757 (dep. Genève La Praille 14.18), hauling empty wagons being repatriated to Italy.

Pretty irritated that after all these years one of the last trains which will ever run with an Ae6/6 has run from Genève La Praille past my family's `home territory' at an ideal time of day for photography (in recent years the only 6/6 working ex Genève has been after sunset) but I'm not on holiday there at the right time!

After the `crisis' in 2008 cut back Ae6/6 workings the Valais became one of the places with the fewest Ae6/6 workings, so this is a classic example of a short term (very short term it will probably turn out) increase in the interest value of Ae6/6 workings.

Signs of life also for 11512 seen working at Laufenburg on Tuesday 8.

Sadly, there is less good news today 11/1.

It looks like there are just five Ae6/6 neither at Däniken for store nor already withdrawn:
424, 430, 440, 455, 495, 501
However, 424 is parked up in Basel, 440 is still derailed, 455 is parked up at Brugg, 501 und has been sitting at RBL cold since 20/12/12. 502 is parked at Basel "until 13/1". So that leaves just 430 and 495 ready for work, but 495 is slated for imminent withdrawal.
512 is parked at Erstfeld covered in new snow!

Better news late today:
507 is in Erstfeld works `for modification for the infra division'

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