Re: The infamous tickiting question


Am 12.01.2013 00:23, schrieb disco1ie:
All work out approximately the same price - Option 2) is SLIGHTLY
cheaper, but I' a little nervous a conductor mightn't believe we are
taking direct routes to and from our entry/exit points as our journey
is slightly complicated (in fact we would be).
Me would be nervous about getting any sort of ticket in Schaffhausen on time to continue the travel. I'm always happy having the ticket for the first day in my pocket when going abroad. The transfer ticket can't be purchased in Switzerland.

My questions are:

Am I missing anything?
I don't think so

I'm presuming my son (8 months) doesn't need any kind of ticket as he
is not occupying a seat?

Are the prices at the Automats ("walk up" prices) the same as
advertised in the web shop of
usually yes, if you manage to chose the same ticket... ;-)
For inland tickets there is no sales fee (as e.g. at ticket counters in the Netherlands)

Markus, G�rbetal

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