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Andy McMillan <andytrainman@...>

Markus wrote:

Now I would like to know, what the best translation of Stammnetz
would be. On Wikipedia I found "core network" which seemed
quite strange to me.
'Core' in English has several meanings, so as 'core of an apple' it
might seem a bit odd, but as 'core of a cable' (i.e. the bit that
carries the electricity) it might make more sense. However...

An often seen translation is "main network" but that's "Hauptnetz",
not "Stammnetz". However, I realise that the word "Stammnetz"
isn't used anywhere else than by RhB.
According to my 'German-English Technical and Engineering Dictionary
by Dr. Louis De Vries und Theo M. Herrmann (McGraw-Hill, 2nd Ed.
1965): 'Stamm' = m tribe, trunk, stem, stalk, cadre ... (none of
which seem eminently suited) but does explain the use of both 'core'
and 'main' as suggested translations.

However! I note your comment that the word is uniquely used by the
RhB so perhaps a unique translation is more appropriate than a general
one. Therefore I note that - after a list of variants of the word
'Stamm' - comes a list of examples using 'Stamm-' as a stem. The
first of these is 'Stamm-farbe' f 'primary colour' - from which I
suspect 'Stammnetz' could reasonably be translated as 'primary
network', noting that it was the first network of the RhB, and that
even though other lines pre-date some of the later RhB primary
network, these lines only came to the RhB after previous ownership,
They are thus 'secondary' lines in terms of ownership by period, even
if not in terms of importance or original age, and thus could fairly
be excluded from the 'primary network' which is that owned and built
by the RhB. So I suggest 'primary network'

Does that count as an 'intelligent proposition'?

Kindest regards, Andy

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