Re: [RhB] Stammnetz


This brings still another thought to my mind. Aren't there some
railroads out there where one speaks about the "trunk line". Which could
be translated as "Stammstrecke" and wouldn't be that far away from
"Stammnetz"? Or is there another meaning behind trunk line?
That's "trunk" as in "tree trunk", the core or principal part to which secondary pieces ("branches") are attached.

In German "stammen" has a connotation of parentage or origins ("woraus stammen Sie?")
that is far weaker for "trunk" in English.

"Trunk" in English connotes "importance" much more than it does "historical origin",
whereas in German (and I am far from highly fluent in German) the two senses
of the word are more equal.

All terms in the direction of main, principal, primary etc. contain, in
my eyes, too much of a classification after importance. But taking the
importance, the Berninabahn would sure be ahead of Davos–Filisur which
in turn is clearly part of the Stammnetz.
I'd got for something like "historical core network" or "original network".

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