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Tom Ludlam

Earlier Markus said that Stammnetz is unique to RhB. As such, it's a
name for an object that identifies particular routes. Some names are
translated as they cross borders and languages, but often, names will
remain untranslated when the new language doesn't offer a suitable
equivalent. Many place names are not translated although digging deep
may find an origin that translates. The heart of RhB is Chur. It doesn't
translate, although I'm sure it is the local spelling of 'Kur' for 'spa'
(loosely translated).

Therefore, as Markus suggests, using 'Stammnetz' describes exactly the
collective routes the RhB has constructed rather than acquired.

-This based on growing up in a town with a non-translatable Franch name
- Faribault - surrounded by Germans, Swiss, Swedes, Bohemians, French,
English and whatever else descendants. All keeping their original names
(however they may translate) while speaking english.


On 13-Jan-13 02.53, Guerbetaler wrote:
... which in turn would imply that a translation should be avoided and

instead "Stammnetz" also be used in English? Perhaps it would perfectly
meet the Zeitgeist, when I tell you, that I always have my camera with
me in the Rucksack when travelling on the Stammnetz. :-)

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