Re: [RhB] Stammnetz


Am 14.01.2013 18:11, schrieb Tom Ludlam:
.... but often, names will remain untranslated when the new language
doesn't offer a suitable equivalent.
While I fully agree with your various remarks, I must refuse this one:

The heart of RhB is Chur. It doesn't translate, although I'm sure it
is the local spelling of 'Kur' for 'spa' (loosely translated).
The name is said to be celtic and derived from kora, koria, meaning tribe (or in German: Stamm, Sippe! ;-) )

Chur is in fact the town with probably the most translations of its name

Chur in German
Cuira in Romansh and Romanian and Cuera, Cuoira in Romansh idioms
Coira in Italian, Catalan, Spanish, Portuguese
Coire in French
Curia in Latin
... and Koiro in Esperanto

Well, you could say that these are not proper translations but phonetic adaptations to different languages. True. The more it doesn't help in the context we are discussing...

Markus, G├╝rbetal

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