Rive Bleue Express, 1998.


Hello All,

The Rive Bleue Express was a tourist train that used to run in the Summer months between Le Bouveret in Switzerland and √Čvian le Bains in France. On weekdays it was diesel hauled, but at weekends it was steam hauled by 'Hansli', an 0-6-0WT built in 1893.

Sadly, the track and structures on the French section became unsafe and this popular train had to be withdrawn. It last ran in 1998 and, by chance, I was in that area that Summer and was able to see it and take some pictures.

These pictures were on the now forgotten Fotopic site but I have now transferred them to my current Flickr site. Some of you might therefore have seen them before, but, for the benefit of those who did not, or for anyone interested in seeing them again, this is the link to the first one :


Some of the pictures were taken on the French part of the line but the loco is Swiss so I hope that they will be of interest to Swiss railway enthusiasts as well as French ones.

Ron Fisher.

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