Re: BBC commentary on Swiss Railway Ticketing


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For the benefit of non UK members of this site, "From Our Own
Correspondent" is broadcast woldwide and is very widely listened
to. Not the sort of publicity that SBB needs!
Frankly I doubt if SBB will worry too much.

We have far higher fare evasion in the UK and the penalties are
less severe. UK has a lot to learn from SBB in this respect. I
expect that the journalist who wrote it is one of many in the UK
who consider it beneath them to actually queue up and buy a ticket.

Provided that there is a system for appeal/recompense which is seen
to be fair, it will all blow over.
Sorry Bruce I think you are wrong on this, the journalist involved is not some kind of rabble rouser, far from it. I've heard quite a few stories already about this stupid scheme of SBB causing issues. I think SBB will be concerned as well they should. To give you one very simple example, a tourist arrives at the unmanned station, the ticket machine does not work, his mobile phone does not work. In comes the train, what is he supposed to do?, please don't say he should have planned for this. If he is fined how is he supposed to appeal outside of the country? Frankly why should he, it's SBBs responsibility to provide ticket machines not his.


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