Re: BBC commentary on Swiss Railway Ticketing

Krist van Besien

On Tue, Feb 5, 2013 at 11:31 AM, Heléna Moretti
<> wrote:
I expect Krist will say well it's in the rules, they should have known.
Actually leaving your pasport with the hotel staff is against the
rules too. Not the SBB rules though...

When I was a teenager the Belgian railway introduced a cheap tariff
for young people, that involved buying a 10 trip card for a fixed
price, where you could then fill out the trips yourself. You had to
enter the date, the origin and destination on a line each time you
used it. You had to fill it out before you boarded.
And the conductors were extremely strict in enforcing it, as the
system was abused a lot.
I can understand the logic behind the SBB rules, and the need to be consistent.

What else do you expect SBB conductors to do? Be more lenient to old
white couples, but more strict to young Africans? Imagine the uproar
if they did that...


Bern, Switzerland

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