Re: SBB webcam


Thanks for the latter site which was new to me.

How do you know the routing? Just from experince? A few months
ago My
Switzerland had the loco schedule posted but that stopped. Is it
available at any other web site or coming back?

Does the camer turn on at 0800 and off at 2000?

bob gills, another fan in the drippy northeast USA
I do recognize some locations. I also use the SBB website
( to obtain timetable information (Reisen/Fahrplan ->
Abfahrts-/Ankunftsplane; Departure/arrival information). With the
approximate arrival/departure time it is possible to follow the
route. In the Valais it was consfuing as the assignement included may
short trips such as Brig-Sion; Sierre-Lausanne).

Incidentally, the engine is now in Basel (6/23/03, 9:20am esatern
daylight savings time), facing some oncoming SNCF engines.

The camera turns off depending on the season, in the summer it seems
to be 8am to 8pm.

Thomas Eckhardt

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