Re: was: BBC commentary on Swiss Railway Ticketing - now Conditions of Carriage

Krist van Besien

On Wed, Feb 6, 2013 at 10:51 AM, glenn allen <> wrote:

I wonder how the SBB will deal with people who pay for a season ticket by Company Cheque?
If they are to penalize a person whose credit card payment is not transferred until 4
minutes after their train departs, what about a payment transfer that takes 5 days to clear from one bank to the Railway's bank?
I haven't seen a cheque in the last 25 years. I doubt they are still
used much here in Europe, and I'd be surprised if SBB still accepts

Is there anything in the SBB Conditions of Carriage? I would have thought that there would be a clause in there about travelling from a station that has no ticket issuing facilities that are operational.
I've been studying them, and found a few interesting things.
- When the validator is not working you are supposed to enter the date
on a timecard yourself.
- You can buy a mobile ticket for several persons. You have to travel
together (obviously...), however I remembered that I had trouble
adding a passenger with a halbtax. I need to mention that to SBB.
This does put some doubts on other things mentioned in the story...


Bern, Switzerland

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