Re: BBC commentary on Swiss Railway Ticketing

Andrew Moglestue

A few years ago I bought a one way ticket to the airport and forgot to stamp it before getting on. The conductor kindly wrote the date and time with a pen in the box and went on. Maybe he knew he >couldn't do much with me since I was leaving the country.
When my GF comes from Germany, she sometimes uses a Mehrfahrtenkarte for Basel Bad - Zürich. The problem is that Basel Bad being a German station, there aren't any Swiss cancelling machines on the platform, at least none that you can run to quickly and get back onto the same train. So she asked the conductor what to do, and he said it's okay if you fill in the date by hand.
The next time round she did this again and the inspector on the Zürich train told her off for not stamping, saying she would have had enough time while changing trains at Basel SBB to stamp it, and that she would get a fine next time round.
So it does seem to me that the rules for such loopholes and special situations are not applied evenly across the board, or if they are that they are too complicated for the average occasional user to fully understand.

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