Re: BBC commentary on Swiss Railway Ticketing

Krist van Besien

On Wed, Feb 6, 2013 at 9:38 PM, Guerbetaler <> wrote:
That's the point. SBB should start from the idea of a honest traveller
and put up rules to distinguish the non-honest traveller. And not the
other way round, as it partly is now.
But the rules should be clear, simple, and easily enforced.

For example: A clear and simply rule is "tickets must be purchased
before the departure of the train".
And when you board in Bern, as that BBC journalist apparently did,
there is really no excuse for not having a ticket.

One of the problems SBB faces is that there are professional fare
evaders out there that are very good at impersonating a honest, but
confused person, with a sad story. Charming old ladies do try to get
out from under paying for transportation too. So again, what is a
conductor to do when faced with a person without a valid ticket, but
with a good story that he cannot verify...


Bern, Switzerland

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