Re: BBC commentary on Swiss Railway Ticketing

glenn allen

From: Andy Micklethwaite
Switzerland (without border checks - unlike Eurostar!) has entered
the modern world.
Regaining a reputation is much harder than losing it.
Something from the bottom of the article :

The Swiss ticket inspectors took pity on Chris and didn't charge him for
his return train to Bern when he explained his situation. But he is now
all too aware that, however sad it is, we really do now need to be
every bit as vigilant on Swiss trains as we are on our own or any other
rail network in the world.

Hmm, how come he didn't get fined? ;-)

And, nice picture at the top, not in keeping with the article, that's an RhB train at Morterasch heading for St Moritz.

I remember reading a story about chance thieves over at Zweisimmen, or nearby, would watch tourists get on a train, see them get off to take a photo, and would nip on to steal their luggage. I don't think crime is a new thing in Switzerland.

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