Re: BBC commentary on Swiss Railway Ticketing

Bill Bolton

On Fri, 8 Feb 2013 09:13:35 +0100, Krist wrote:

And how should this be done, in your opinion? SBB conductors don't
have lie detectors on them.
You claimed "there are professional fare evaders" as a justification
for the new SBB behaviour.

"Professional" (whether 'professionell', 'fachmännisch' or
'notorisch') implies they are doing it constantly - you don't need a
lie detector to identify *constant evaders* and there are a whole host
of simple processes and technologies that can be applied, *as the
police do regularly* with respect to misdemeanours.

I don't think many ordinary citizens are being unjustly punished here.
It's clear what your strongly-held-belief is, but it also clear from
looking at a number of Swiss community forums that a lot of "ordinary
citizens" (who are trying to hard to abide by the rules) are now being
fined in circumstances beyond their reasonable control.

It's also clear from looking at travel forums that a tourists are
starting to become alienated towards Switzerland through this, as they
think they have followed the directions of SBB adequately (as implied
through web sites and the behaviour of automated ticketing systems,
etc) but are none-the-less being fined by SBB.

Always be very sceptical of what you read in the newspaper or hear on
Or read recently in community forums, or what good friends recently
tell you etc etc.

The stories that are being related are too pervasive and consistent in
nature to be flicked away with cliches and faux rationalisations ("if
they tell a good story"). <rolls eyes>

Bill Bolton
Sydney, Australia

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