Re: BBC commentary on Swiss Railway Ticketing


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We have known for many years that you should have your passport available at all times when travelling on a Swiss Pass.
Whilst I understand the reasons behind Helena's spirited defence of the two OAP's, I quote from the rear of the map supplied with my Swiss Pass for 2002 "Dear passenger................ Please sign your ticket and present it to the conductor with your passport".

Where I would agree with both Helena and Markus is that the way such situations should be handled needs to be formalised and designed to avoid the PR failures we have heard about.

Firstly (and there is plenty of room on the back of the map - and I am referring to a 2002 map - the 2013 one might be different) it should be stated that the ticket is not valid without the passport, and should state clearly what the penalties are for not having a passport with you.

Secondly, it would seem sensible to adopt the same procedure as with the forgotten GA, if the passenger presents the passport at any ticket office with the excess tickets and the Swiss Pass, the excess fare will be refunded less CHf 5.

Perhaps those with contacts within SBB might suggest this when the map is next reprinted.



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