SNCF TGV sets 110 to 118

Martin Baumann

These sets which have been a familiar sight in Switzerland for many years have now all been taken out of service replaced by TGV POS (4400 series) or TGV Euroduplex (4700 series) sets.

110 withdrawn 20.12.12
111 withdrawn 20.12.12
112 withdrawn 08.02.13
113 withdrawn 20.12.12
114 withdrawn 08.12.13
115 withdrawn 20.12.12

116 117 118 were all put in RD status as of 08.02.13 and are unlikely to see further use as the Internal sets of the first TGV generation are also starting to be retired

RD= reparation déféré stored unserviceable

Martin Baumann 23.02.2013

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