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I have fond memories of the red/green and beige pilot coach with SOB
Re 4/4 from my travels in the summer of 1985. That consist was Re 4/4
- A (Lightsteel) - B (EWI) - B (EWI) - BDt. I took photos in Wollerau
and Luzern that trip and again in on subsequent trips in 1998 and
First class in the Re 4/4-BDt trains of SOB has always been an issue until the A Revvivo arrived. While BT had four AB EW I and could use their ABt with the Re 4/4 91�96, SOB had no "modern" first class coaches.

First, SOB gave its two AB light steel 261 and 262, later 570 and 571, new interiors, which, however, didn't improve their rolling quality...

There is a picture of 1988 in EA 11/1988 with an AB EW I BT in the train, which would have perfectly fitted in, but that was long before the merger and SOB searched for its own ways...

1989 they bought two old SBB light steel A of 1948 (18-33 033 and 032) and repainted them as SOB A 530�531. At the same time also 6 B (29-33 350�355) of 1953 were bought and repainted as B 811�816. This increased the seats available but downgraded the comfort of SOB trains.

SER 1/1996 shows the following consist of 24.11.1995:
Re 4/4 III 41 - 2 B EW I SOB - A EW I SBB - BDt SOB.
Now, the level was at least back to EW I comfort. Two years later, the Revvivos were there.

If I recall correctly, the A EW I from SBB had its brakes adapted to have O-brake instead of R-brake, which was essential for the 50� grades of SOB. All BT and SOB coaches were fitted with O-brake.

R-brake came in above 80 km/h and worked down to 60 km/h
O-brake came in above 40 km/h and worked down to 30 km/h

This was because the speed on SOB was 60 km/h and on BT 80 km/h. For the SOB it made an important change, as trains without O-brake were restricted to 50 km/h.

Markus, G�rbetal

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