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The answer is yes and no. The last timetabled train to run direct from Altstetten to Wiedikon will be 1751 Altstetten-Ziegelbrücke (18053) on June 13th 2014 according to the current draft. However long distance trains using the "Südeinfahrt" line from Altstetten to Zürich HB will still pass close to the works. The majority of arrivals in Zürich HB from Olten etc run on this line. An arrival at the highest numbered group of platforms is more likely to use the older route passing Hardbrücke station. Although signalled for both directions the "Südeinfahrt" is only very rarely used for outbound passenger trains. (Platform numbers in journey planner)

Martin Baumann
Thanks Martin,

I think a case of closure by stealth as these trains were very difficult to find details for as although they appear in, the Swiss journey planner does not show them nor do the on-line station departure sheets. I cannot recall seeing any trains on these lines other than freight but perhaps the peaks might be a better time to look.

I could see on my last visit that the small works traktors were sometimes visible from these lines but was not in the right places or times to travel on them so I suspect a visit prior to the change is on the cards!



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