Wipkingen line and the Durchmesserlinie

Chris Wood

The recent discussion on Zurich Hauptbahnhof platforms 51-54 caused me to take a closer look at the station approaches on Google Maps, and raised a question as to what usage the Wipkingen line will see once the Durchmesserlinie is fully open.

As best I can see from Google, there is no route from Wipkingen into the existing S-Bahn tunnel. Platforms 51-54 will be gone, so trains from Wipkingen cannot go there. There may or may not be a route into the new Durchmesserlinie tunnel, but even if there is a routing from Oerlikon to Oerlikon doesn't seem very useful. That just leaves terminating or reversing in the main line surface platforms.

At present all the regular S-Bahn services that currently serve Wipkingen (S2/S8/S14) reverse in surface platforms before continuing to Wiedikon. But reversing trains seems contrary to the concept of the Durchmesserlinie, and I assume these trains will run from Oerlikon via the Durchmesserlinie. And it seems that the through long-distance trains will do likewise.

Which doesn't leave much to run down the Wipkingen line, or to serve Wipkingen station. Does anybody know what the plans are for this line.

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