Re: Wipkingen line and the Durchmesserlinie

Chris Wood

Max Wyss wrote:

From what I read, they will still reverse long distance trains
passing through Oerlikon in the main hall. Keep in mind that with
the reversing, it is possible to maintain the connection node, as we
have it now. Any line running through will no longer be full part of
the connection node.
That is a different picture to what I've understood from previous posts here. I was almost imagining a main hall where the main users would be TGVs, ICEs, RailJets, CNLs and other assorted international trains, with most of the domestic long distance traffic going down the tunnel.

I don't really see why trains stopping in the Durchmesserlinie platforms will be any less in the connection node than those in the main hall. They will presumably be pretty well underneath the main hall, and connected to the same pedestrian passages, so the walking distances shouldn't be much different. And, from bitter personal experience, a lot less than an interchange involving one of the existing platforms 51-54.

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