Re: Zurich Airport Skymetro

Max Wyss

Although I understand that the plan is that trains will use a crossover at
either end and the tracks thus be used directionally, this has not been the
case on any of the occasions i used itt.
There are three operation modes:

"Single shuttle" (one single train operating through one tunnel; that's
for low demand times)

"Double shuttle" (two single trains operating each through their own
tunnels; this is said to have the highest capacity; it is essentially two
Single shuttles operating indpendently)

"Long loop" (reversing at the stops; this is the most convenient for the
passengers, as they always board at the same platform)

I believe there are sufficient cars available to form three trains but
this is not done at present, either as traffic does not demand it, or
because there are teething troubles with the reversers.
Actually, in order to comply with the Schengen / Non-Schengen segregation,
they purchased three additional cars, allowing for three-car trains.


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