RBe540 unusual workings


Ironically the comment about loco/traction that Don `brought back' across to this forum was from a thread reporting unusual workings of RBe540, including the use of 540 on EN1264 hauling exotic eastern European coaches.

It would appear that as well as the working seen by Bob Spooner on 20/6, EN1264 also ran with 540 034 on 5 June. Incredible photo (talk about being in the right place at the right time) here:

Bob Spooner saw:
Thursday 20 June:
540 : EN1264 Austrian border – Zurich, and
540 XXX: IC10759 07.07 Zurich - Chur (the summer dated connection to the Bernina Express - booked for Re4/4II –

Also, a mate of mine wast based in Aarau last month and saw regular working of a top and tail 540 S-Bahn set on several workings Olten - Aarau

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