Re: Competition time: Re420 km in a day

Heléna Moretti

Sorry, I used tabs and it seems e-mails delete the spaces so I have reposted it here with spaces.
(I hate computers)

The competition is to see who can plan the longest distance travelled with Re4/4" in a day.

Okay here are the rules: 

1) The Re4/4" must be booked to work on that train
2) They must only include trains open to passengers (not postals or freight).
3) You can use any km between midnight and midnight even if the train began before or after the cut off.
4) paired locomotives count as double km
5) You can't teleport (or fly) between places but you can catch other non Re4/4" hauled trains to make connections

Here is my attempt

EN 221; 01:11 Vallorbe - Brig (02:14); turn 611.2; 192 km
EN221; 01:11 Vallorbe - Domodossola (03:55); 611.6; 234 km
(use of EC 114 from Milan to Chiasso; it may be a 402/b but at least its loco hauled)
EC114; 10:01 Chiasso - Zurich (13:29); 611.35; 241 km
IR2275; 14:09 Zurich - Locarno (17:13); 611.36; 208 km
IR2190; 17:45 Locarno - Luzern (20:41); 611.32; 195 km
IR2190; 20:54 Luzern - Basel (21:55); 611.10; 95 km
IR2190; 20:54 Luzern - Basel(21:55); 611.26; 95 km
IR1799; 22:47 Basel - Zurich(23:52); 611.10; 91 km
IR1799; 22:47 Basel - Zurich(23:52); 611.26; 91 km

Total1,458 km

Okay, I did opt here to wait on the 09:10 off Milan to get back into Re4/4" territory so as to avoid taking a multiple unit but I think this total is pretty hard to beat.


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