SBB: BLS Celebrations Frutigen 29/06/13

Keith <keith47424@...>

Saturday 29/06/2013
Weather atrocious. Rain all day. However after a 4am alarm call, taxi and 3 trains I made it to Burgdorf to pick up the VHE special from Hutwil - Frutigen with 31 and one coach!
On arrival at Frutigen it was a quick look around, (new Bombardier 187002 last mile diesel electric, a French Prima electric, 843502 & 843504, a couple of Kiss units, preserved loks included 307, EBT102, 273 & 312 & a couple of coaches at strange angles including a DVT on its side) get drenched and see what was working the special shuttles to Kandersteg.
They were to run every 30 minutes starting at 10.20 with 205 working the first, 251 worked the next and the preserved old unit (sorry not sure of its number) was worked in tandem with BLS 172.
There were rumours that the 11.50 special was going to be 205 & 208. 208 was working a Swiss Historic special from Basel to the event due in about 11.30. However where the shuttle tickets were being sold they said it wasn't going to work but would be put on static display. However I hung around just in case.
And sure enough it did produce. 208 & 205 together. When was the last time that happened? And a return for 5CHF. Much cheaper than the 250CHF for the special.
Not sure if anything else worked as left at 13.30.
Good to meet up with the English cranks, Des, Mr Belton, Ian, Patrick and the others.
Tomorrow RhB and hoping for better weather.

Cheers Keith47424.

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